Level Funded Health Insurance

One health insurance plan that’s becoming more and more popular is level funded health insurance. But is it right for your business? How is it different from fully insured and self-funded plans? These are good questions to be asking, and Nevont can provide answers that will help you decide what’s best for your business.

What is level Funded Health Insurance?

Level funded health insurance plans are a happy medium between self-funded and fully insured health plans. It combines the savings you get from self-funding with the financial predictability of fully funded health insurance. In a level funded health insurance plan, you’ll still pay a premium to an insurance company, but you’ll assume more risk. There are also a lot of customization options for level funded plan.

A downside of level funded health insurance is creating the plan can be complicated, so it’s important to have an employee benefit advisor like Nevont to help you find any hidden costs and get a comprehensive idea of what your plan will consist of.

Is This Insurance Structure Right for My Business?

Level funded health insurance is a unique way to structure your insurance plan, and it’s usually best for smaller businesses. The reason it’s best for small businesses is it gives you the cost savings you get from self-funded plans without taking on too much risk. As a small business, you want to offer your employees great benefits, but the more traditional health insurance structures can be hard to finance. With level funded health insurance plans, you have a solution to this problem. Let Nevont advise you on the best level funded structure for your company.

If you have a larger business, the more traditional fully insured or self-funded health insurance plans may be a better fit for you. Learn about fully insured plans here and self-funded plans here.

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